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Extended School Day Program

The goal of the Owensboro Catholic Extended School Day Program is to provide a safe after school environment conducive to both the social development and the academic achievement of participating students.

The objectives of the program are to provide:

  • homework and tutorial assistance
  • a safe environment for students after school
  • opportunities for students to interact socially with other students through structured activities.

Hours: 2:30 to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday on days school is in session.There is NO Extended School Day Program on the LAST day of school before Spring Break, Fall Break, Christmas Break, and Grandparents Day at both sites, and the last day of the school year AND if school is dismissed early due to inclement weather.

Eligibility: Open to all students that attend Owensboro Catholic Elementary School.  Priority will be given to full-time users of the program and to those who pre-register for the Extended School Day Program at the time of their Preregistration for school in March. Occasional care ($10 per day) will be given on a daily basis if space is available at the school site. Parents of occasional care must notify the school in advance of the day they wish to use the care to assure space availability.

Cost: Full-Time (3 or more days per week) $1,150 one child; $1,824 two children; $2,498 three children; $3,172 four children. Part-Time (2 days per week); $753 one child; $1,507 two children; $2,260 three children; $3,013 4 children. Part-Time (1 day per week); $377 one child; $753 two children; $1,130 three children; $1,507 4 children. $10.00 per day for occasional care two or fewer days per week.

There will be only THESE OPTIONS for paying for enrollment in the Extended School Day Program:

  1. TOTAL Payment at registration in July
  2. Via FACTS-this will be deducted from your designated account along with your tuition.
  3. ½ on or before July 15, 2016 and the second ½ by January 13, 2017.
  4. Payroll deduction – available to OCS employees only.

Parents whose children are enrolled full-time will be charged the full-time rate each week regardless of attendance except when the child is absent 3 or more days (within the week) because of illness or when school is not in session.

Parents whose child(ren) are enrolled part-time will be charged the daily rate for the designated day(s) the child(ren) are enrolled each week regardless of attendance except when the child is absent from school that day(s) due to illness or when school is not in session.

Parents must notify the school site, in writing, if they wish to withdraw their child from the program.

Occasional care will be charged the daily rate. Please call school for available space.

Delinquent accounts may result in the child(ren)’s dismissal from the program.

Groups: Student to Caregiver ratio: age 5 and younger is 15/1; age 6 to12 is 25/1. Children will be grouped by grade and/or age. Each student will remain at his/her campus site. There will not be a transfer bus available to transport Extended School Day students. Staying at their academic site will enable the children to take part in extra-curricular and enrichment programs which are age appropriate. These programs could be provided by the school administration and not by the Extended School Day Program due to cost and would be made available to the entire student population at each campus.

Snacks: A snack will be provided by the program at no additional cost to the students immediately after roll call.

Homework: Homework sessions will be available for 2nd through 6th grades. There will be extended homework time until 4:15 pm, if needed. The Directors will discuss with OCHS the utilization of National Honor Society students for tutoring as the need presents itself.

Pick-up: Parents are asked to come into the school and “check out” students each afternoon. A late pick-up fee of $5.00 will be assessed for the initial five (5) minutes after the ending time and $1.00 for each additional minute. These fees cover the cost of the caregivers who stay with the late pick-up.

Activities: Besides homework the children will be given the opportunity to play organized and unorganized games both indoors and outdoors. They may also have interaction with the other students with board games, video games, etc. Occasionally a movie may be shown. The activities may vary due to weather and available space, and as well as the Director’s discretion.

Sign-ups: Parents will sign-up their child(ren) during Pre-Registration in March.